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The Dressage Coach

Dressage Uncovered

Dressage Uncovered

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Dive Deep into Dressage: Uncover the Secrets in 5 Weeks with The Dressage Coach!

Ready to peel back the layers of dressage and master the art of elegance and precision? This isn't just a course, it's an unveiling journey!

Over the period of 5 weeks, we will look at the principles of dressage so that you as a rider or coach can have a better understanding of what is expected, understanding marks and what you need to do to improve those marks.

Over the 5 weeks we will cover:

  • The Scales of Training
  • The Collective Marks
  • The Walk & Halt
  • The Trot
  • The Canter

No dry theory here! Each week is packed with an engaging and interactive presentation.

Claim your spot for just £50! 

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