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The Dressage Coach

Pivo Max Performance Essential Kit

Pivo Max Performance Essential Kit

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The Pivo Max Performance Essential Kit Includes:

  • Pivo Max
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Mount
  • Tripod
  • Travel Case Classic 1.5
  • Weight



Maximum simplicity.

Attach your smartphone or tablet to Pivo Max, pair via Bluetooth, and you're ready to record stunning motion-tracked videos.

You can even attach your camera for professional quality footage. Take full control with the remote or let Pivo be your AI camerman when paired with your smartphone.


Use your smartphone, tablet, or camera.

Pivo Max is your most versatile piece of gear. With the ability to use smartphones, tablets, and cameras, the possibilities are endless. No more limitations, no more missed opportunities.


Smoother 360, better results.

Whether you're on the court, in the gym, or riding a horse, the smoother and more powerful rotation of Pivo Max lets you capture more dynamic training videos.

Use face, body, horse, or dog tracking to turn your practice into high-energy content, with no missed shots or choppy footage.


12 hours of power.

Running out of battery can throw you off your game and waste precious time. With a rechargeable 1400 mAh Li-ion battery, Pivo Max keeps up with your every move for up to 12 hours.


Perform to your Max.

Analysis of your own performance can help you keep track of your gains, push your limits, and smash your personal best.

Use Pivo Max's smooth, accurate tracking to elevate your workouts and capture your progress like never before.


More dressage, less stressage.

Auto Zoom intelligently adjusts the framing for a smooth, seamless video, no matter how your training unfolds.

Never worry about filming again. Focus on your ride or workout routine while Pivo Max captures the action.


Know when you're filming.

Pivo Max's LED light ring flashes different colors to conveniently keep you in the know with real-time status updates. Know exactly what your Pivo Max is doing, and never miss any action.


One take. Two formats.

Record motion-tracked videos with your smartphone and camera at the same time, and make time-consuming edits a thing of the past.
Pivo Max is the ultimate tool for creating videos. Capture your training, techniques, and share expert tips with followers or clients.

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