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The Dressage Coach

Pivo Pod & Remote

Pivo Pod & Remote

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Effortless solo filming.

Attach your smartphone, pair via Bluetooth, and let the magic begin.

Film hands-free with AI Horse TrackingStudy your rides, connect with coachesShare your best moments, inspire others



No cameraman needed.

Advanced 360 horse tracking keeps you in frame while you ride, following every pace and movement in portrait or lanscape. All you need is your smartphone — Pivo’s AI does the rest.


Take control of your ride.

Instantly review your own footage or share it with your coach. Pivo makes it easier than ever to analyze your form and pinpoint weaknesses in your ride.When it comes to self-improvement, seeing is believing.


Get real-time feedback.

Receive lessons via video call with Pivo. While 360 horse tracking keeps you in frame, your trainer can give tips in real-time and even control Pivo's movement. And with the Pivo Mic*, you can enjoy clearer two-way communication.
*Pivo Mic is available in select bundles.


Zero tech hurdles.

Spend less time and money filming solo sessions. Just mount Pivo and ride, no setup hassles or filming buddies needed. Pivo does the filming so you can focus on training.


Pocket-sized training partner.

Pivo's pocket-friendly size means the chance to record your best training footage is always at your fingertips. It easily fits into any bag (or a handy Pivo Travel Case*).
*Pivo Travel Cases are available in select bundles.


Share magic moments.

Take the reins of your content with simple and intuitive controls. Whether sharing a trick, blooper, or the bond with your horse — share your journey to stay motivated and inspire fellow riders.

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