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The Dressage Coach

The Dressage Blueprint

The Dressage Blueprint

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Feeling stuck in a rut with your riding? Know your goals but the path is fuzzy? Wish you had a cheerleader (and expert!) in your corner to keep you on track?

This 5-week intensive program is your answer! We'll dive deep into your dream dressage goals, craft a personalised roadmap, and supercharge your progress with a potent mix of:

    • 1-on-1 Remote Coaching: you'll get two live remote coaching sessions where we'll dissect your strengths, tackle challenges, and unlock hidden potential.
    • Mindset Magic: Smash through mental blocks and build unshakeable confidence with a dedicated session focused on the power of your inner game.
    • Performance Plan Power: Leave the program not just inspired, but equipped! You'll receive a personalised action plan outlining your next steps to keep those dressage dreams soaring.
    • The Dressage Coach App: Your 24/7 sidekick! Get unlimited feedback on your rides, analyse your scores, set goals, and more with this award-winning app (yours for 1 month FREE!).

Bonus: Score a FREE Starter Pack packed with goodies and a final Performance Plan to keep you fueled for future success.

Limited to 10 lucky riders! Members snag this exclusive offer for £125, non-members for £150. Don't miss your chance to transform your riding in just 5 weeks!

Click "Buy Now" and let's gallop towards your dressage dreams!

After purchase, Maddi will be in touch to arrange your sessions - keep checking your emails!

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